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Our Story


As the story has been conveyed… the five acres, where Bella Vista now sits, was subdivided as part of settlement for a marital separation. In January 2001, the land was sold and construction commenced on Avalon which was intended to be a weekender for a couple who referred to themselves as “city slickers”. Construction had its challenges with the clay and rock but once out of the ground, a local stonemason reused the rock to build the court yard, garden paths, steps and walls.

Next built was the American barn, El Camino and Oscars. The rationale for why the villas were named in the manner they were remains a mystery but we do believe the original owners wanted to create a Spanish feel to the place by naming the El Camino villa after the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the legendary pilgrim’s route through Spain. Much of the original vision for Bella Vista Villas has been maintained despite being handed on to three other owners.